“Where Have You Been?” Asks the Internet


Ok, so maybe the whole internet hasn’t been clamoring for answers as to the whereabouts of nanobot master and theZEDLAB proprietor Wayne Baker (that’s me). But some out there may have noticed that the website has not been updated in about two months! That’s a long time – though it doesn’t feel like it. So, for those whose curiosity has for far too long been left unsatiated, here’s the scoop…

Aside from running theZEDLAB and overseeing a swarm of nanobots, I am involved in two other outfits: Ghostbungle Industries – film production and some freelance design and VFX work, and Beer Busters – a craft beer podcast and blog. First, the podcast, which is the more recent venture.

Beer Busters Podcast

Beer Busters logoI have a brother. His name is Dan. Dan studied broadcasting, with a focus on radio, at Temple University (in Philadelphia). For several years now, Dan has been interning at rock radio station 93.3 WMMR (also in Philadelphia). When not at the radio station or working his other two jobs (he’s a busy guy), he pursues his dream of creating a many-headed media empire in the style of The Nerdist, the brain-child of Chris Hardwick.

I also have a cousin. Her name is Steph. Steph has been obsessed with craft beer and has been homebrewing her own for many years. She is a member of the local hombrewers club (Berks County Homebrew Club) and aspires to one day open her own commercial brewery. As an elementary school teacher, Steph has earned (and I mean earned, teaching is an incredibly difficult and underappreciated job) the luxury of having a good deal of free time in the summer and spends a lot of it travelling. And visiting breweries. I mean, every brewery within a 100-mile radius of wherever she finds herself.

One day, Dan and Steph decided to combine their powers to create a craft beer podcast, and Beer Busters was born. After the ball was rolling and they had one episode under their belts, they came to me to do some marketing design for the podcast. I did some logos, promotional stuff, social media imagery, etc. They invited me to sit in on the second episode and I had such a good time I never left. My contributions expanded to include building/maintaining the website, managing digital assets, more promotional design, creating content for the show (Happy Fun Time Games), co-host, and, ultimately, full-blown third partner. At the time of this writing, we have six episodes in the bag and will be recording the seventh in just a few days. And it’s been awesome. But it’s also dominated my time, and I could use a little improvement in the time-management area. (I do have to watch TV at some point, right?)

Ghostbungle Industries

Ghostbungle Industries logo

I also have been working with another partner (and cousin), Tom, for several years in a fits-and-starts endeavor to produce short films (and, one day, longer ones), under the name Ghostbungle Industries. Tom has worked with video production and streaming as well as web development at Chester County Intermediate Unit (Intermediate Units are unique entities in the state of Pennsylvania; they essentially provide services to area school districts). He has recently left CCIU to take on the position of Director of Network Engineering at SpectiCast, a regional media streaming start-up.

We have one complete and polished (mostly) short film, an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of AmontilladoSince the production of that film we have drifted from project to project, displaying an uncanny knack at coming up with great ideas, making them even greater, and then collapsing under the weight of our own scope-creep (and the distraction of other projects – and life, in general). We have, in the interim, done some freelance graphic design and VFX works for outside clients. Recently, after a bit of soul-searching, we decided to run with a particular idea, the details of which I won’t subject you to just now. This project represents a make-or-break refresh of Ghostbungle and, as such, will require a committed re-focusing on my part.


Beaker_1500x1500So, what does this mean for theZEDLAB? Well, as previously stated, it’s clear I need to be a little better organized at managing my time. It seems I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to do that and accomplish many sundry creative pursuits is to take on more projects than there are hours in a day. And work a regular job, you know, to pay the rent and all. But I am still committed to theZEDLAB and will continue to produce content here.

I have been tossing around the idea, however, of expanding the scope of this site (there’s that scope-creep again) to include more about design in general, instead of focusing exclusively on Blender and CG. I’m probably going to be doing more blog-type stuff as tutorials, while fun and rewarding, are far more time consuming. There will still be tutorials, and I may also start doing image editing (Photoshop/GIMP) and vector (Illustrator/Inkscape) tutorials. But I have many interests related to design and figure why not just write about all that as well.

I’ve written this post as much for anyone out there who might be interested as I have for myself. All I really want in life is to be creative. But sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, sometimes I get needlessly bogged down in details, and sometimes I just plain get lazy. Lately, as all these various pursuits have been clamoring for space in my brain, I’ve realized that now is the time to dig in, get focused, get organized, and get things done. Life is short, after all.

3 thoughts on ““Where Have You Been?” Asks the Internet

  1. Sounds like my life. The working to pay rent is the suckiest part.
    If you do change this to bloggy style, please partition into sections, like Blender – Illustrator – beer – film or whatever. Just reading stuff to find what interests someone is difficult enough. So I for example am only interested in blender. If I have to wade through stuff to find that, it would not be as relevant to me. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, good luck on what you do and drink a crafty IPA for me!

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